Thursday, 29 April 2010

Is a visit to a psychic on the proverbial cards?

Today my work colleague (Saffa T) asked me if I liked psychics, to which I replied vehemently "NO! I make my own destiny!!". But, upon speaking with her further I found out she has had an amazing experience with a psychic she visited a year ago. As a general rule I'm skeptical of people trying to make a quick buck for themselves, and I'm also weary of taking advice on board from a complete stranger. And let's be honest, whenever the word "psychic" is mentioned I bet you immediately think of an old woman with a wart on her chin, a scarf around her head and a crystal ball on a small round table in a tent (well I do!!). But Saffa T assured me that this girl was completely the opposite and the real deal so, curious, I've checked out her website and am thinking about booking an appointment with her.

My interest lies in discovering my life's purpose more than anything else and perhaps this Helen Thomas will be able shed some light on a certain path I'm yet to take. Saffa T says she's more of an earthy angel type that promotes self-nurturing, cups of tea and walks in the garden rather than delivering a trembling warning of your impending doom according to a musty old piece of glass.

I know there is a great divide between believers and non believers but is it something that helps us or hinders us? If we receive a prediction, is the very expression of said thing the catalist for us to be drawn to it through simply thinking of it? I can think of a number of circumstances where this would be beneficial for me but at what point does the value of actually seeing someone then come in (Helen rakes in $100 for 1 hour...)? By that same rationale I could tell myself things all day but would they necessarily come true? And if everything everyone ever thought of materialised I think the world may just self combust.

I am a subscriber to the notion that your thoughts create your world, your outer circumstances so I can understand why people who have visited psychics often find "coincidences" or the predictions manifesting in reality. But how do you then explain the little things they just seem to know about you that they couldn't have known at all. My Sherpa does something similar when he "reads" my body through examining where I am storing tensions etc.

Whilst I realise this post is getting into deeper issues beyond it's scope I can't help but wonder about the true power of psychics and their impact on those that "tempt fate" in seeing them...

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  1. Do it!! I saw a palm reader once in NYC. Just for shits and giggles. She told me that I would live somewhere near the water. Very broad statement, but it was fun and a new experience at the very least. This lady sounds much more serious. I say go for it!