Friday, 23 April 2010

Session #3 with the Sherpa

Last night was Session #3 with the Sherpa. We went through the same bodywork, massaging all the tension points to release the pent up energy. It’s a truly cleansing experience and I beleive it’s a combination of psychosomatic therapy and musculoskeletal therapy that the Sherpa performs on me. I think I’ll explore these two therapies in further detail in posts to come. For now I’ll just explain the session.

Again I wasn’t sure what to expect having been told that each session is different than the last but I rocked up with a sense of purpose, knowing that this is exactly what I am meant to be doing for myself right now. I did less crying this time round. It’s fascinating the way that one minute I’ll be laughing at the pain I’m feeling when the Sherpa trigger points the inner arches of my feet and the next minute this overwhelming urge to cry comes over me when he loosens my calves and my back. I don’t know where it comes from but it leaves just as suddenly as it arrives. It’s so subtle that I only know I’ve cried because of the calmness I feel after I’ve stopped and my body has obviously released that energy through the act of the cry.

The Sherpa also felt it was time to teach me the beginnings of getting acqainted with myself again through showing me a breathing technique, the primary weapon in my arsenal against fear, anxiety, confusion and depression. Again, breathing techniques aren’t particularly groundbreaking, but in this moment, guided by the Sherpa, I was able to capture a glimpse of what it means to be calm and comfortable in your body. I know that I can visit this ’place’ often, as often as I need and know that underneath everything is this eternal, calm life force I can draw upon. I think this is the foundations of meditation and in fact I was invited to join in for a session. I managed to sit through an hour of just breathing and despite my right leg getting a little uncomfortable I was surprised at how it had a calming effect immediately.

Phew! Pretty heavy going! Or should I say “light” going?

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