Friday, 7 May 2010

Buy Me Love

Retail therapy should never be over looked and is absolutely a valid alternative for releasing tension full stop. Of late, I've been buying bags full of therapy and more often than not, therapy through the click of a mouse! C'mon people, you know you love a good shopping spree.

It's no secret I love labels and one of my most recent purchases was a gorgeous pair of Jimmy Choo's from Net-a-Porter. Why you ask? Well why not?! It's the way the shoe fits my foot, it's the precision tailoring, the quality that I love so deeply - my feet deserve the very best and I consider it a sound investment. They arrive next week - countdown....

Theraputic benefits? It's more about the ability to purchase, the symbolisim; the handing over my savings card is a form of deep thankfulness for the means to have the things that I want. And whoever said money can't buy you happiness is a bloody liar.

I've just finished explaining to Saffa T and SunnyDays (another work colleague) my recent acquisitions and now, after their squealing disbelief about the price tag and the "but we're in BRISBANE why would you bother?!!" comments I'm feeling like I need to justify myself.

Look, I know these are just material items that will eventually leave my possession, or I will eventually leave them, but for right now, the planning, the act of acquisition and owning something that I want to have, brings me happiness and isn't that what I'm striving for? Besides, I'm exceptionally good at it proven by nabbing four new dresses from last night which also arrive next week, and of course I don't care if they're summer fun and I'm skidding on into Winter, they were a bargain and I scored.


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  1. Having a love-gasm over those kicks!! LURRRRVEEE!!!