Tuesday, 18 May 2010


It's true. I had a moment on the train this morning. As I was minding my own business, studiously doing my negotiation study homework, I noticed a dude get on and sit on the chair facing me a row removed.

I glanced at him briefly then went back to reading.

Then the penny dropped. I looked up again and lo! The chiseled features, the wily casually tousled up hair, the intelligent, intense eyes, even the same jacket as the one in picture! This guy was Edward Cullen but about three times better. Plus he was in here in the flesh!

Of course I was completely beside myself by that stage, my breath quickened as I desperately figured out how to approach him.

What kind of come on line would work on such a god? Should I offer up my neck to him?
Should I throw myself at his knees and beg "Kill me!??!" I would have.

But I had no balls. Completely gutless. We both got off at Central. He was about 6'6. Ahhhh. It was the BEST train ride I've ever had and I almost scraped up enough courage to slip him my phone number but chickened out, kept walking and regretted it. Made the mistake of telling my work colleagues who proceeded to confirm my gutlessness, tease me and then lecture me about having the confidence to approach this type of situation. Ironically the lecturers comprised the single and the divorced. Hm.

Regardless, I freely admit to being a Twihard and it follows that I'm now on the hunt for Brissie Edward. I will be stalking the trains every morning from now on. No more hiding behind my free trashy newspapers or self help books - I must be vigilant, poised for his reappearance. I have even posted a message in the MX free newspaper....


  1. shut the eff up! u did not! u really posted a msg in the MX? hahahha! Love it! Nothing gutless about that! OMG, can u pls be Mrs Cullen you u can finally have a renesme of your own?? FIND HIM!

  2. hahahha corker. I'm on the case G!