Monday, 10 May 2010

A Weekend in Melbourne Edition #1

I've been deliberating for a while now as to a mini Aussie vacay down south and finally today I cashed in my Qantas frequent flyer points (24000 of them) and have booked a gorgeous weekend down in Melbourne for sheer pleasure and indulgence - for want of a better expression - I'm loving myself.

I just need to get out of where I am for a bit - to gain that amazing perspective you always get when you travel. I have a few meetings on Friday for work(ish) and after that I'm free as a bird.

But why Melbourne you ask? Honestly I wouldn't mind living there sometime in the future and the last time I was there I was a crazed early 20-something with a golden afro (thanks Bubble) getting drunk in the green room of the Crown with INXS (minus the glorious Michael H though)....

It's funny I don't really know many people in Melbs so I've had to scrounge up the few peops I do know to sort of rekindle the friendship flame. People, I need the inside scoop on the following:

  • where to go

  • what to do, where to eat

  • where to shop, where to say

  • where to be seen

  • where to relax

  • the best chai latte

  • the best facial

  • bike hire

  • markets etc etc.

So far I've found this hotel to bunk in - it seems to be great value but then, photos are nortoriously deceptive!

Help and advice is greatly appreciated from any Melbournian gurus....

Oh and also, let me know if you want to hang out! I promise you a feature article in my blog...weeeeeeee!!

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