Sunday, 6 June 2010

Raw for a Week

That's it. I'm going RAW. Inspired by my Green Goddess friend I'm going to attempt to eat fresh, raw, vegetarian stuff for five days. The vegetarian part: not so hard. I don't eat a lot of meat in general. But the raw part is going to be tough on these wintery blustery nights in front of the heater. My laziness doesn't help much either. Nevertheless, I've already sourced out a fresh juice place across from work and a place that juliennes carrots, celery and snow peas all in a neat little container for $5.95. Saffa T is of course outraged by this, carrying on about how an entire kilo of carrots is $1.95 at Woolies. My response: Firstly, please, I don't shop at Woolies, and secondly I'm a lazy bitch and I like to have my carrots cut for me. So there.

Five days, starting tomorrow morning.  Can I do it? And more importantly, how is it going to affect the way I feel in my body? Commentary to follow....

PS. Our lemons taste sweet. Miracle of miracles.


  1. Do it! Wow! you can DEF do this g’friend!

  2. OMG you will feel amazing! Lots of recipes coming your way!

    As for breakfast, a big kick-ass bowl of fruit and nuts OR an awesome smoothie including nuts and seeds (I know that sounds weird but it makes it so filling!), fruit (at least 1 banana, berries, pineapple - whatever you can get your pretty hands on) and a little bit of water to blend it all up. You could even add spinach or spirulina (green powder full of protein and iron - will make your smoothie green but will still taste great) to give it extra nutrients and give you a good start to the day.

    Can't wait to hear how you go! Good luck!! xx

  3. Thanks guys! Love a good detox!