Saturday, 12 June 2010


People, you wouldn't BELIEVE who I ran into yesterday. Posts ago I wrote about having an encounter with an Edward Cullen look-a-like on the train. Well, I wish it was an encounter, it was more me ogling him wishing desperately he would suddenly appear at my side and wrench my skivvy down my neck. And after much kicking at myself I let go of the possibility of ever seeing him again, travelling out of the station of my life like the train we were on.

BUT lo! There he was yesterday in a shop. Yes a shop. (Prepare for an anti climax people) Turns out young Aussie Edward works in retail and is a graphic design student by day. STUDENT. So young. And in person, very "Edwardesque" but no cigar. Needless to say I couldn't contain my giggling and my face went all hot.

He let me take a photo of him.

I snuck two....

His photos really don't do him justice. But he does have a very familiar look about him! I'm pretty sure he styles his hair and wears that pea coat so he can get gushing girls coming in to buy watches from him. Shame on me.


  1. Totally Edward! Can’t believe him! But yes, he does look super young! How old is he??

  2. Well I'd say about 21? Still at uni man. Could even be 18! I'm partial to a bit of cradle snatching, if I must! He was very sweet, very nervous, a little shaky even, but he lacks a certain....thirst?