Thursday, 3 June 2010

Super Sheikh

The verdict for Sex and the City 2:

1. fabulous fashion - TICK
2. fantastical opulence - TICK
3. dramatic hyper beautiful scenery - TICK
4. girl power (the "I am woman" karaoke scene seemed to be quite well rehearsed but roused it's intended female camaraderie ambience in the audience) - TICK
5. Men. I mean seriously, bring on Aidan and Lawrence of Arabia - TICK
6. character development - TICK

The downside, and yes sorry people, there is a downside to our fave foursome's latest exploits, is that in some parts its almost a little cringeworthy in terms of cultural sensitivity. I realise its about having a laugh, having lots of sex and having everyone knowing about it all the time. Though I can't help but wonder if this storyline glides a little too close to the razor sharp edge of the conservative Arabian nations' saif. Maybe I'm just jealous because I want an all expenses paid Abu Dhabi trip surrounded by obscene wealth and three besties to share it with...

Still, it was enjoyable and worth the two hours spent traversing on a magic carpet ride in a parallel universe.
Go and see it.

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