Sunday, 20 June 2010

The Universe's Sweet Bode

This is the time for celebration my friends for I have finally found a place to call home, other than Hotel Parentals that is. I am leaving the nest (again) for my own sweet 'bode' in Teneriffe.

I had just received my approval for a place in Newstead and was feeling a bit off about it.  Things became clear for me Wednesday afternoon. I was avoiding returning home to the barren Transit House from hell when I felt the universe shift. For some reason the Newstead place was weighing heavy on my shoulders - it was considerable financial outlay to acquire and I felt like the white goods I would have had to purchase to deck the place out would prove to be more of a ball and chain around my ankle, rather than inanimate modern luxuries.

I jumped online and from there I was guided to find this new Teneriffe tenancy complete with wooden floors, vaulted ceilings, a fridge and a flattie (who I am certain will provide me with endless post fodder to come). It was perfect timing, I knew the universe was guiding me. Such a strange feeling. It felt like for a moment I was simply a puppet doing as the puppeteer willed. Almost an outer body experience. Or should I say outer high viz experience?

So I move in on 3rd July. Count down begins.

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