Thursday, 22 April 2010

Willingness to change

Most people have heard of a book called “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise L. Hay. If you haven’t, I suggest you get acquainted, if like me you are interested in why the things that happen to us happen.

I have been feeling recently as if the past has been repeating on me a little, having found myself in a situation that seems very similar to one I’ve already had. And let me tell you, this situation wasn’t the best. In fact, it was the single most disappointing experience of my life, and now to have it recurring on me raised a number of significant questions: what am I doing that is creating these situations? I am the common denominator in this so what is it in me that needs this situation? How is it that I can subconsciously create a situation my mind tells me I don’t want? How can I be so misaligned? And importantly, what can I do to fix this imbalance and harness this power for positive outcomes instead of negative ones?

A wise man once said that to expect a different outcome from doing the same thing is insanity. I know I had to change my life, my mind desperately wanted to change my circumstances so I knew I had to look inside and change my core values and the way that I treat myself and feel about myself.

In this vein then, reading Hay’s book was a watershed moment for me. Up to this point I had read a number of incredibly powerful books over the years; I carried Eckhart Toll’s “The Power of Now” in my bag to work everyday in London, my dad had given me “As a Woman Thinketh” by James Allen years ago. But I feel that “You Can Heal Your Life” provides something more for me right now. It explains the dynamics between our thoughts and feelings towards ourselves and then goes on to provide the next step of explaining how to go about creating the change you want through affirmations and other exercises.

Hay makes it real. And simple. She links physical disease with thought patterns to the extent that we are all accountable for our own state of health. This alone is an interesting concept to me and one that I’m excited to do more reading around.

The book holds so many valuable lessons but for now I am focusing on the willingness to change. The willingness to release any old patterns of thought. The willingness to change my way of speaking and the way I express myself, as only then will I be able to create the change in my outer physical circumstances.

These notions have been around for absolute centuries. Ghandi in his incredible wisdom said “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. But I feel like we get so caught up in “internet mode” (everything and anything and anyone available at any time = life overload) that we forget these basic truths.

In my own situation it is obvious that with the repetition of this particular situation I have not actually instilled any change, despite trying my best efforts. My aim has been all wrong – I need to change what is inside me and how I feel about myself to be able to attract a different, positive result. To work on this, it is as simple as affirmations. In particular the affirmation “I am willing to change”. I’ve been saying it over and over, first thing in the morning, in the mirror to myself, at any moment in the day. And I feel like I am willing to change. To take the next step.

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