Monday, 3 May 2010

Cat Hammill Necklace

A few weeks ago I was shopping in Paddington, along the tiny workers cottage conversions that hold amazing little original gems in a style that is uniquely Australian.

On this journey a gorgeous necklace jumped out at me that I just had to have! It has a rosary bead style and reminds me of the wonderful stirling silver french jewellery I stumbled upon in a little store called Aime in Notting Hill, London.

The inscriptions on the two medallions are "Strength, Peace, Love, Hope, Dream, Free and Luck" and are strung together on a chain of red wooden beads. Red is the colour of your "base" or "root" chakra which relates to the degree to which we feel connected to the earth or are grounded in our activities (more on that to come!). So not only do I love the look of this necklace, but the symbolism is really appealing as it stands for the things I am working on right now and the feelings I want more of!

The designer is Cat Hammill and I loved my medallion necklace so much I had to share her amazing jewellery with you!
Check Cat out at LOVE x

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