Saturday, 1 May 2010

DIY Cleanser

In my effort to get in touch with all things natural and organic, (and with the inspiration of a lovely friend of mine who is living in organic heaven, check out her blog: A Modern Girls Life) I thought I'd give a DIY homemade cleansing mask a whirl!
I've done a bit of reading around the subject and have spent many a lunchtime in Perfect Potion being told about the benefits of goats milk yoghurt, mashed up fruit and avocado for hydration and cleansing my skin. In fact Perfect Potion have DIY masks that contain a powder that you must mix with oatmeal and yoghurt.

This afternoon's efforts I think have paid off. I made a poultice like substance consisting of:

1. tablespoon mashed up avocado;
2. tablespoon of goats milk yoghurt; and
3. A good squeeze of lemon juice.

After a steam (sticking my face over a pot of hot water with a towel over the whole thing) I applied the green mush and left it for 15 or so minutes then removed with warm water. My skin is visibly more hydrated and I can tell because I have very dry skin and all I have to do is splash my face with water and it will get all tight and scratchy. But not this time - it's quite amazing really.

Verdict: Definitely give it a go! It's made my skin soft, radiant and hydrated, and it's made me hungry!

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