Saturday, 29 May 2010

Friend Finder

The great divide between those who are single and those who aren't is yawning miserably in Brisbane. As a late 20 something I'm feeling the pinch. This is a phenomenon, I'm hearing the same gripes from across the murky river, that isn't present in other cities.

Increasingly friends are pairing off, settling down, moving in, gearing up, crossing over and all these things are really much more important than just hanging out it seems. Makes it really hard to have an active social life!

Added to which, I feel like a newbie in my hometown. Yes it's all very familiar. I have friends and fam here who I absolutely adore. 


I feel like I'm a different person to who I was before I left for London. To reconcile Me Today with the life of Me Yesterday is not only hard bloody work, but completely illogical, lonely and stressful.

I must find more like minded, like situated peops to chill wit yall. I know things have to give and it's up to me. So I asked my long distance lovely angel Frenchie bestie for some straight shooting advise, the kind she's so good at and that I count on her for.

Her answer: Girl dates.

Hells bells. This will be tough, but I think she's right. Let's discuss strategy. To begin with, I need to source out some female companions who I have things in common with and since my gut has dutifully been reporting back to me more and more often on what it is that we'd like to be doing I'll be focusing on a few hobbies previously listed like yoga class, dancing, photography, volunteering, hiking and writing classes/courses.

Next is the invite. I don't even ask dudes on dates, let alone chicks. I'm hopeless at this stuff as I can be quite 'aloof' without meaning to be AT ALL. I used to get called a bitch in school because of this misconception. In truth, I'm shy. So it's going to take a lot of guts and effort and focus on my part to do the 'so let's swap numbers, do coffee, do you have an email' spiel. But you know what, I've done it before, I can do it again (I can hear Saffa T say in her South African twang "Pull yourself towards yourself!!!").

So there we go people. Yet another journey I'm embarking on. And if the previous journey's successes are anything to go on I'm feeling fairly confident!

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  1. Women of Brisbane watch out!!! You can do it girlfriend. They’d be crazy beatches not to want you in their corner:)