Saturday, 29 May 2010

Sex and the City 2 GIRL DATE

You read correctly! I already have a Girl date happening this Wednesday with a group of fabtastic gals. Sex and the City 2 frockbuster screening and dinner beforehand with the Green Goddess to get our fashion fix. Ask and ye shall receive amen.

This dress is fucking amazing. Since I don't have the budget to afford the real deal I'm going to dust off the old sewing machine and attempt to recreate it. I know my recent Choo purchase would team up a treat with something similar to this.

Tragically I don't even know who designed it!


  1. yay! that was quick, you girl-date-slut! hahahahah! Kidding! Meanwhile, the green goddess link is taking me to some random blogger page. please explain?! And I want to see this dress you speak of...

  2. crap, will fix the link right now...

    you mean Carrie's dress or my attempt at it?