Friday, 7 May 2010

Turn Turn Turn

The seasons changed last night. Literally as I was walking home from the train station, a realisation came over me that I felt that familiar 'bite' to the air. And all of a sudden this morning I had to completely rethink my work wardrobe (was going with the white pencil skirt but instead have opted for black capris, it being casual Friday and all..) as there was no getting out of bed without my big pink fluffy dressing gown and slippers!

Brisbane doesn't have as distinctive visual seasonal changes as London. Some trees are getting barer but the roads aren't coated with orange maple leaves whipping around your feet. The quality of the air gets 'crisper' and we lose the debilitating humidity of the Summer months, but all in all, it just gets slightly colder and that's really it.

This is the first Australian winter I've had in two years so I'm looking forward to the mildness - and to giving my London Winter wardrobe a run in my home town!

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