Tuesday, 22 June 2010

And the winner is...

Holler out to Mama L who nominated me for the pretty award you see to the left of the screen. I'd like to thank her for her perennial friendship, guidance, support, humour and gorgeousness. I dedicate this award to you my friend. 

Now to the rules:
1/ Thank the person that nominated you ✓
2/ Put the award up on your blog ✓
3/ Post a link the the person that nominated you ✓
4/ Post 7 interesting facts about yourself ✓ (below)
5/ Nominate other people you think deserve the award.✓ 

7 Interesting facts about me:
 1. I can vibrate my eyes
2. I was an A+ art student who chose to do Biology which I failed. Foolish. 
3. I designed and practiced my own secret code with my best friend in high school so we could pass notes without being discovered - suppose that explains the Biology)
4. I have freckles on my face arms and legs but none on my torso
5. I can do the splits
6. I spent much of my youth climbing trees and acting like 'Ayla' from the Clan of the Cave Bear series, complete with amulet and totem spirit. 
7. I had a secret crush on my guitar teacher...maybe still do
8. I bought a pink 1970's pogo stick at a school fete 11 years ago for $5 that I loved then lost. It was the real deal and so much radder than the one in this pic.  
Ok so that was 8, but I'm a very interesting person. 

The blogs I would like to nominate are:
A Little Birdy Told Me 
Scenes From My Hood
The Pioneer Woman
A Modern Girl

And I guess I need to do some more searching for beautiful bloggers seeing as the requisite number is around 7....I must spread the love!!!

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