Tuesday, 22 June 2010

A Little Note

My fave baby blogger buddy blogged a bit of banter (say that three times fast and you get a... blurrg...?) And it reminded me of something beautiful that happened to me years ago. It must have been five or so years, I was at uni, parking my car and heading to Z block to waste some of my now hard earned cash (no but seriously couldn't have got where I am today without it - stay in school kids), when a lovely dude approached me to ask directions.

Happily I gave them and we both went on our merry studious way, piles of heavy and important books in tow.

I returned to my car later and there waiting for me was this tiny scribbled note pegged under my windscreen wiper:

and inside.....

It made my day. It made my year. In fact, its made my life if that's possible. It struck me that he went out of his way to pay me a compliment for absolutely nothing in return. It meant so much to me that I kept that little scrap of paper to always remind me not of my own beauty (no, truly) but to remind me of the beauty in others.

Random acts of kindness, both giving and receiving, should never be underestimated.

Thanks Dan.

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  1. We love you Dan! Maybe you should track him down girl! But how?!?!?!