Friday, 11 June 2010

Copping a Feel

Now that its winter I've been digging out all my fabulous Londony wintery wardrobe and in amongst the selection is, inevitably, a sensational pair of hose. My ensemble today; leather skirt, turtle neck and belted coat (all black of course) needed a little something extra on the bottom half to battle the cold. (Brisbane! I'm impressed!)

So anyway I dug deep and produced a slinky nude pair of stay up hose to pop on and can I tell you, I'm loving them. They are so sheer its almost my leg but with a slippery lovely slight glossiness to them. Truth is I'd forgotten how wonderufl hose could be! I'm a sucker for all things lingerie at the best of times but this has made my day and its only 9am. Now I just have to stop myself from slinking one calf up the other all day long! Women are so lucky we get to wear them! Hallelujah a-wo-men.

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