Thursday, 10 June 2010

Day 4 - RAW

DISASTER. I prolly picked the wrong week to start on this raw deal, literally. The scene: work lunch, Queensland's best seafood on offer, what's a girl to do? And frankly, I copped enough chiding, sighing, quizzical looks and just plain crap in the work meeting yesterday for refusing the baguettes. I threw the towel in for lunch because it's so hard to go against the grain with food! People are so quick to judge and put their two bobs' worth in about how they think it's good or bad or ugly and how their old colleague's girlfriend's monkey's cousin who did the same thing and it didn't work etc etc blah blah waa waa.

I now feel sorry for my lovely, and strictly raw AND vegan friend who has to deal with this strand of tall poppy syndrome. People just luuuurve to drag you down or judge or mock you here. I have no doubt this wouldn't have been half an issue in London.

Either way, I picked up my bundle again after that and my sister made a fresh tomato soup for me tonight. While my lifestyle doesn't lend itself too well to fresh and raw 100% of the time, I've certainly learnt a few things about how to integrate more raw into my life. And I've been surprised at the recipes. It hasn't felt at all like a tiresome dragging fast or diet. The fresh salads and fruits and vegies and smoothies and herbs etc etc are plentiful and full of flavour. And what's more it makes you feel good AFTER you've eaten a raw meal. You feel light and sustained.


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