Friday, 16 July 2010

Things I hate: WARNING I'm in a bad mood

I CANNOT STAND cabs in this city. Every one of them stinks and after being in a feral hire car for three days (obviously the last hirer was smoking like a chimney and hadn't showered for a week) I am truly OVER smelly cabbies.

Furthermore, why should I have to negotiate my way home? Surely Brisbane isn't that hard to navigate if your previous city was a maze of shanty town madness? And surely if you've managed to get your sorry arse here by canoe or elephant or foot or whatever, and get yourself a job driving a cab you can sure as hell learn English!!! Did I ask for a tour of Brisbane? NO! I wanted what is usually a 20min drive from airport to Alderley. FUCK

You guys, the cabbie sitcho in Brissie is disastrous.

Screw this - I'm getting a private car and driver next time. At least I'll be able to breathe.


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