Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Hairy Situation

It's hair cut time again tomorrow. Having just scraped through the 7 week mark my locks are in desperate need of some attention. 

That being said, I am always tempted to go something completely wild and out of the ordinary. It's almost become a ritual that I scan through the latest hair styles from the pages of vogue and celeb mags to pick out the complete opposite of my current 'look', ask 5000 people their opinion and then back out at the last minute opting for the usual "root and trim" like a coward.

So rather than drop a hair crisis bomb on myself just prior to party season I'm doing changes a little bit at a time which is of course less dramatic but far less impacting on my soul (a bad hair cut goes to the heart and soul of me; many a time I've been caught out and forced to wear a pony tail for two weeks - horrors).

My hair is currently blonde with verrry dark roots (hence always the threats consideration of going darker) and quite long. It's dragging and lanky in this Brisbane humidity. I'm opting for more volume and bounce, less weight and length and maybe a more honey blonde....a la the latest Chloe ads featuring Raquel Zimmerman....





Also loved this one of Kate's LOB: chic and sophisticated and as I'm trying to grow my fringe out is probably a good starting point.


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